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The blog post at hand belongs to a series highlighting the various keynote presentations of our public event labelled ‘Get on top of your complex challenges’ which was hosted by the public:START consortium on the 14th of October as part of the 35th edition of the annual ERASMUSDAYS.

A broad spectrum of speakers representing public organization and research institutions provided an enlightening insight into how they are currently dealing with complex challenges in their own domain. Now, we want to share their success factors with you.


It is well known that successful collaboration between different actors relies on efficient communication. Fostering interaction and collaboration between civil society and public bodies is precisely the role of Sonia Zornoza from Europa Direct Albacete, a consortium of public centres that helps to bring the European Union closer its citizens, and facilitate their participation in debates on the future of the EU.

On this occasion, Dr. Zornoza has presented us with Europa Direct’s latest initiative, “Albacete for Green Deal 2021”, whose mission is to involve people in one of the most relevant topics of EU policy. The public event organized in the city of Albacete was well received by the population, and had over 1000 participants. Such a great involvement by the public, however, should never be taken for granted, as it is the result of careful planning and inclusion of many stekeholders, demonstrating what the public:START project team has identified as Public Sector Leadership skills, that is the ability to develop, motivate and inspire large and diverse workforces, to understand problems and act accordingly, and to collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders to achieve common objectives.

The final result of the initiative was the “Green City Accord” signed by the city of Albacete, which commits the city to address several key areas of environmental management, such as air, water, nature and biodiversity, circular economy, waste and noise. This initiative and the commitement it produced is proof of the impact made possible by careful design and consideration of the needs and demands of all parties of society, be it public bodies, private companies or citizens. The public:START consortium was happy to welcome Dr.Zornoza and listen to her success story, as it is the perfect example on the attitude and capacity our project wishes to help foster and disseminate among public organisations.

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