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The blogpost at hand belongs to a series highlighting the various keynote presentations of our public event labelled ‘Get on top of your complex challenges’ which was hosted by the public:START consortium on the 14th of October as part of the 35th edition of the annual ERASMUSDAYS.

A broad spectrum of speakers representing public organization and research institutions provided an enlightening insight into how they are currently dealing with complex challenges in their own domain. Now, we want to share their success factors with you.


How can the new entrepreneur of today support the educational, professional and personal development of individuals in education and training? How can they contribute to sustainable growth, employment, social cohesion and the strengthening of European identity, as outlined in the Union Youth Strategy 2019-27? Ana Ribeiro from AEVA, Portugal, is trying to identify new ways to answer these questions.

As we are moving through a number of profound transitions in our economies and societies, Ana Ribeiro has realized how easily the skills of today may become obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, learners and workers are increasingly expected to be lifelong learners, adaptable and ready to learn while already employed, and capable of reacting positively to a tightening labour market. This is due to the multiple skill gaps produced by the new highly required skills in Europe, primarily technical and digital skills. In this scenario, businesses are fighting to stay ahead of the curve, trying to hold onto their best talent and struggling to fill key positions. Individuals are conscious of the challenge to stay relevant in the age of automation.


This post concludes our series on the keynote presentations held during our ERASMUSDAYS event, but we will keep you updated on our continuing work, on this blog and all our social platforms. The next step in our project will be to connect with Rossella Cendron, a senior EU project expert and mayor of Silea (IT), with whom we will discuss the implementation of a Case Study application of our project’s results through the Centro Studi Amministrativi della Marca Trevigiana!

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